Current Features

  • Unique static galaxy maps, including several built for low-end PCs and one that re-imagine the classic playing style of Birth of the Federation
  • 70+ pre-scripted Star Trek canon races with animated portraits
  • Full ship sets for over 20 species, including United Earth, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, Cardassian Union, The Dominion and Borg Collective
  • Pirate and Space-Aliens with generic shipsets
  • Playable Borg faction, with a unique story, technologies, components and an assimilation mechanic
  • More than 400 unique shipmodels
  • Unique era mechanic including ENT, TOS, TMP and TNG eras for FED, ROM, KDF
  • New Weapons, Shields and special effects
  • Hundreds of new events, with over 400k written words that make dozens of hours of original narrative
  • Numerous new megastuctures, including Suliban Helix and Borg Unicomplex
  • Custom ship behavior
  • Improved AI
  • New Tradition system, with the ability to unlock upgradeable Deep Space Stations
  • Innovative new ship designer with tons of possible variations
  • 500+ Race specific weapons
  • 400+ new components
  • Entirely new techtree containing more than 1100 technologies
  • Many Star Trek anomalies and events
  • Complete UI rework, with new UI sub-mods for the Borg
  • Sounds, Music and Voice-Overs rework, with several new and original tracks
  • New policies, allowing you to make decisions on your empire concerning health, education and economy
  • New Space-Animations
  • 50 +unique planets and terraforming mechanics including gfx for tilesets and planet surfaces
  • New city environment graphic for Tholian, Cardassian, Vulcans and Klingons
  • Completely overhauled utility system
  • 7 unique new shipclasses
  • Cloneable Jem’Hadar and Vorta for the Dominion
  • Federation Council mechanic
  • Romulan Tal Shiar Committee and Obsidian Order Espionage mechanic
  • Federation Story, with the option to form the Federation
  • Unique mechanics for Ferengi and Bajorans
  • Unique stories for Klingon, Romulans, Tamarian, ardassian and many others
  • Multiple unique Crisis, including Xindi, Alar Jihad, Species 8472 Invasion, Mirror Universe Invasion and many more
  • Localisations: English, German, Russian, French and Spanish

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